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Buying the Regular Daily Wear Shoe May 5, 2009

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I own shoes. Correction. I own quite a lot of shoes – at least by standards of most Indian women. Where most of the ladies I am acquainted with own four, five or even six pairs of shoes, I, well I, have not counted how many I own. There definitely are more than that can fit into my shoe cupboard. I keep the others in almirah, or in the box bed…or somewhere.

Those privileged few who have seen all my shoes in one go usually ask – ‘Do you wear them?’ Of course I do. Each and every one of them. Though not regularly, but I have a diverse selection with different kinds of footwear. As a result, I can change my shoes with outfits and occasions and that too without qualms. I do not have two similar looking strappy numbers of different colours. What I do have is a strappy shoe and another boot. A kitten heel as well as wedge. A peep toe as well as a pointy toe. Flat, jute made shoes to shiny black leather ones. So, while choosing what to wear, its more about what mood Im in, what I want to wear, and be. Than the colour.

However, there is in my shoe closet, a special place for my regular shoes. Shoes I don on an almost-daily basis for office. These are unobtrusive yet classic. They can match almost any outfit I own, they are great. They have to be great. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear them daily.

Thus, when I speak to someone about lack of shoes, they laugh on my face. No one realises my shoes wear out really quickly and the ones I wear regularly are usually irreplaceable. Hence, I wear them really often and they wear quickly out as well. When I go buying shoes, I like something different – and so usually they are not shoes I can wear regularly to office – not in India. I buy exotic, interesting, not-yet-in-my-closet shoes.

So it is that I have to go shoe shopping for my regular pair, notwithstanding my peers scorns. However, guess what. I really do not enjoy shopping, and that does include shoe shopping. I like shoes, but to go and hunt for the right pair is difficult. Unlike the accidental buys – when I am out, and I see a pair that I have to have! To buy shoes for regular wear, one has to keep in mind a certain design and then hunt all over for that perfect pair. The pair does not beckon you, you look for it. Meanwhile, many others will call out for your attention, making you want to own them as well. And, then, to crown it all, one has to look for the right fitting by trying on oh-so-many pairs of shoes!

Ah well, I guess its time I went shoe shopping again. To get that pair which I can wear to office, regularly, without thinking. That one pair that will match with most of my formal wear, that one ubiquitous pair that will be classy, modern, demure, stylish and comfortable enough to be worn daily, hour upon hour.


12 Responses to “Buying the Regular Daily Wear Shoe”

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  2. Rex Says:

    Sigh. My access to shoes is limited cos it’s hard to find many my size.
    For the most part, I’ve had just one or two pairs- and they really get worn out till the next one comes along 😦

    • misshoe Says:

      Not many shoes in your size? Well, its time you stocked up. My advice to you dear sir, is to not wait till your present pair is worn out, rather, buy another pair when you see something you like. That way, not only do you have a wider choice now, you also have another pair to fall back upon in time of need!

  3. Sashdude Says:

    Strangely enough, i have been thinking of getting new shoes for the past week, but have been put off with the prospect of looking for them. I swear to god, i hate formal shoes >.<. I mean why cant they come up with shoes that dont feel like lead bars by the end of the day?. I had hell trudging for more than 2 kilometres yesterday.
    btw: You should meet my sister, she used to be known as chappal rani because she had two closets of shoes back then πŸ˜€

    • misshoe Says:

      & here I was, thinking men had so much better shoes than women. No heels, no straps, just pure foot comfort.
      Comforting to know that those shoes too are heavy and unwieldy enough to be uncomfortable!

  4. exmiasententia Says:

    Hey Miss shoe! Long time no C ! I hardly think I have bought a new pair after your last post! Now that you have posted, I can go ahead and buy a new pair of office shoe for me πŸ™‚
    I agree! Shoe shopping is no cakewalk! Once , my shoe shopping lasted more than 6 months without buying a shoe as I could not find a decent pair! Here the definition of Decent pair is ” To get that pair which I can wear to office, regularly, without thinking. That one pair that will match with most of my formal wear, that one ubiquitous pair that will be classy, modern, demure, stylish and comfortable enough to be worn daily, hour upon hour.”
    he he , now thats called an intelligent Ctrl C+ Ctrl V

    • misshoe Says:

      Wow. 6 months is really long! Either you slacked off, or you really are a finicky shoe buyer πŸ˜€

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