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A Rant on Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan August 11, 2009

Aishwarya Rai had a pretty face. And once upon a time she had an attitude to go with it. Remember the (Lehar) Pepsi ad with Aamir Khan?


Then she won Miss World. And we Indians were doomed forever. We had to watch her wear one atrocity after another.

The lady has spent over two decades in the film and fashion industries. And yet she has no sense of style or dressing! Every year she goes to spoil what little image there is of India at the Cannes. And this year too. Though of course, one can say she has improved over the years but if this is her pace of improvement, she will have to wait till she’s 100 to catch upto the international ladies.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan in Cannes

Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan in Cannes 09

After so much money, effort, time, how can someone look like that? And this is her ‘best photo’. Why oh why does she wear these shoulderless things? Why oh dear god why does she not have a fashion stylist after so many years in the film/ fashion business? Why dear lord, do we all have to promote her as ‘Indian Face’ to the world across?! No wonder Freida Pinto was such a hit. Anyone after seeing this woman year after year as ‘India’s face to the World’ would think Indians are hopeless. Freida gave them a glimmer of hope. And she was loved. Did you notice the sagging flesh under the arms? The plastic face and the .. *sighs*

No wonder Aishwarya did not want Sonam Kapoor to go to Cannes. After innumerable years she does not have the confidence to allow another woman of lesser experience and certainly no international name and fame to walk after her. And then, Sonam has effortless style and elegance.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sigh. And yet in India she is still fawned over. I have never understood her dress sense. From the days of Jeans (oops was it Genes?) to Jodha Akhbar. There are ladies who can carry off bling and lots of jewellery. She, IMHO, is not one of them.

But someone, anyone, keep her hands off those dresses. I can predict her choice of clothes:

1. A Gown, preferably with a trail. Not a short dress.

2. Off-shouldered, sweetheart style, never sleeves.

3. Lots of lace, layers, net, if possible starting from below her hips. And sparkle if possible.

4. Colour: White or fluoroscent Pink or virulent green. Nowadays even black is not safe. But thats better.



The clutches she carries are no better. In fact, she is the prime example of how money cant buy you style.

But at least, she wears decent shoes. Not the best, but decent. And she does not fall in 5-6 inch heels. Unlike her newer counterparts in Bollywood. Thats the most positive I can say for the lady – she can wear high heels and match the colours to her outfits, and walk comfortably in them.

That, however, does not make any difference to her Net Score. Shes still a FAIL.

(I have used all her so-called ‘good’ photographs in this post.)

This post was written by me ages ago when the media deluge on Mrs ARB was just too much to bear. However, my opinion on her clothing remains unchanged – media glare or not!

[As mentioned, the views expressed here are my own personal opinions, and though I encourage comments, please bear in mind that my approving them has nothing to do with my approving your thoughts or actions.  If I find something particularly distasteful, I will remove it when I am able to.]


6 Responses to “A Rant on Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan”

  1. DK Says:

    Ha ha ! There is a medical condition for the word Delusional – Pscychologically speaking delusional disorders are pathological in nature. Now to your post, I could come up with 2 types of possible delusion that not only Mrs. A. A. Bacchan ( guess who is the middle A? there is a big conspiracy ) , but her advisers also suffer from –
    1) Delusion of Grandiose – all of them
    2) Erotomania – Sadly all of them just that AAB has it for herself while others have it in favour of herself.
    And if it goes on, I am afraid other delusion on wiki website are bound to follow…. :/
    Disclaimer – I am merely commenting from a “Shrink’s” perspective. Now You can’t question my opinion , can u? Sue me!

  2. Rex Says:

    ROFL! You sure let out all the pent up irritation!
    I was waiting to see the shoe connection throughout the post.
    Sonam Kapoor’s got sass..remember how she put Shobha De in her place for making snarky comments?

  3. Atul Says:

    I came here thru GreatBong.. nice blog.. I liked it

  4. sanny Says:

    Kinda liked your post, came through greatbong. One piece of unsolicited advice, I think (IMHO) we men generally cannot relate to shoes like you gals do 🙂
    So that takes care of 50% of the population who do not comment on your blog as they simply cannot relate.

    However, enjoyed your writing style, will ask some of my female friends visit your blog. They will have a blast if I know them..

    keep on writing

    • Dips Says:

      Hi Sanny! Thanks for that generous comment. Yup, I know men wouldnt engage in conversation about shoes, but well, I like them so I write about them! Cant help it 😀

      I will try and include a little more on mens shoes, and I think you might find the female perspective on mens shoes interesting 😉

      Thanks for your offer to bring in your lady frnds. Appreciate it.

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