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White Shoes – Europe and India August 11, 2009

There is something about summer that makes all the men and women in Europe take out White. In every possible form – shirts, pants, handbags… to shoes!

White Pants, White Shoes

White Pants, White Shoes

White shoes are rampant all over the continent. Sports shoes are white, casual shoes are white, flip flops are white. Not only are shoes white, the trousers are white too, men and women.

Of course, its refreshing to see white in the blazing sun, especially when you are out on vacation. However, as someone who lives in India, white is not exactly associated with the best.

In India, it is indeed rare to see someone sport white shoes. In fact, it is rare enough to see someone wear white trousers, let alone shoes. Many women do wear white trousers, but very few men do. Even when the women here wear white trousers, they are rather careful about the type of trousers worn – because its quite a fashion dare.

As forwearing pure white on their feet – well, Ive heard flak about wearing my white patent mocassin-like shoes – because it dint match with the outfit.

In India white shoes are a definite no-no, unless they are really high class, with matching clothes (as in same colour!). However, not with white trousers. Quite a quandry eh? Wait, theres more to the likings for white in India.

Man in White

Man in White

However, jutis with white base and white sequins are quite acceptable, perhaps because many traditional Indian outfits have white bottoms. The churidars, salwars and even saris are white quite often.Β  However, even then the white is subtle, and underplayed. White churidars are usually cream, and when men wear ure white, it is usually with a white kurta. Traditionally though, white clothes have also been paired with black or tan shoes, at least for men. However, the trends seem to be subtly but definitely shifting.

Woman in Traditional and White

Woman in Traditional and White

Indian Sandals when white are stringy, underplaying the white quotient. It is however interesting to note that though white in western outfits are frowned upon by the middle class, it is rampant in the lower and upper classes. The upper classes wear really chic clothes, so its rare that they would wear something bad. Though even then, it is stared at if not worn properly. The lower, of course, just imitate passe actors like Jitender, or ‘jumping jack’ as he is called.

As for me, I have my pair of white shoes, which I wear with abandon. For wearing white shoes is all about confidence, in what you wear, and your look. And yes, stay away from white shoes in the monsoons. Mud splattered shoes are not really the best best πŸ˜‰

As for my trip in Europe. I, of course ravaged a few shoe stores, and had my pick of shoes. Here is the beautiful white pair I tried on in Florence. And for my Indian readers- see? They look fabulous even with rolled up blue jeans! So go ahead, get yourself a pair of white shoes for your western wear, and have fun!

White shoes and Blue Jeans

My feet in White shoes and Blue Jeans

From all angles

From all angles


4 Responses to “White Shoes – Europe and India”

  1. M Says:

    I have always liked White Shoes, and have usually owned one pair to “match” certain outfits. πŸ™‚
    I like the ones which you tried out.

  2. DK Says:

    You do realize that you are like – making your readers jealous by trying shoes which probably won’t be available in Mumbai ? πŸ˜‰
    Thankfully I am capable of appreciating good stuff without bringing personal feelings. Though I am very opinionated person, and I say that those are a gorgeous pair of white shoes. Can you upload a bigger picture may be? Because the base coulour is also something which compliment their beauty. Though a full hight photo would have been even better, but even in itself those are awesome pairs. Now will you be so kind to inform us if you find them even in Jimmy Choo’s outlet in Mumbai? I did not see them in 9 west the other day I entered casually.

    • misshoe Says:

      Its OK. the more my readers admire, the more they will appreciate good shoes πŸ˜‰
      I dont know if Jimmy Choo will have a similar pair. This style was rather common in Europe. So perhaps some of the European brands ill have them, and not American (ie Nine West, Charles & Keith and Jimmy Choo). So, if you see a Ferragamo showroom, peep in – you just might find a similar pair! But beware! Theyll cost a small fortune! πŸ™‚

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