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Boots! Boots! Boots! Buy Boots for Winter and Shoots December 29, 2009

Alright, so enough. I have been away for simply too long. I must admit I started on a post, but then work caught up and it still lies unfinished. However, I think it is an interesting post and I will soon finish and upload it. It is about shoes you want to have for an Indian Wedding. Yep, its important. And if you know more than 3 Indians, its a must-have. There is bound to be at least one wedding you need to attend every year.

Boots Time!

However, we are sitting in December, post Christmas and pre-31st. This is the time most of the world population is experiencing cold. And this is the perfect time to take out your boots.

Since man invented footwear and since the time there have been winters, Boots have been worn by Men and Women, and I dont see them going anywhere away in the long term future either. They are way too wonderful to vanish!

Those lovely creations that cover up all of your feet and sizable parts of your legs yet look great. Yup, Boots are In.

Till recently all you needed was a pair of Ugg‘s and you were as hep as Britney Spears or <insert name of celebrity here>. However, times have moved on and it is time to update your shoe closet with something prettier.

The word of Boots is so large that I really do not know where to begin. So I will begin with me.

Boots for Hot India

I am in Bombay. And this place is probably worse than Australia when it comes to December chills. The temperature varies anwywhere between 30deg Celcius and 40 deg Celcius. Whee! What fun isnt it? I hate it. I hate having no winters. No chance of taking out the wollens, the boots, covering yourself up, snuggling up with hot coffee and putting my feet out to warm in the pale golden sunrays.

So, when I went to Calcutta recently, I prepared myself for a fun Winter Vacation. Even though its almost pleasantly cool there (between 10 to 15 deg celcius)

Considering where I live, I have invested in a pair of boots that dont necessarily keep me warm. They are made of Jeans. Very cowboyish but not really. They have a nice long pencil heel and pointed toes. They also have brown threadwork on the sides of the blue denim calf-length boots. Rather sassy. And very wearable. In any weather. From? A UK brand I cant remember now.

Ive always wanted leather and fur boots though, but since Delhi is probably the only place I can wear them without seeming daft, I have stayed away from them since I left that city. So instead what I did was get a pair of shoots (shoe boots). They are faux leather, have a not-too-high heel, and fold down near my ankles like elve’s shoes, exposing an inner lining of velvet. Yum!

What are Shoots? (Shoe boots)

Peep toe Shoots

Classic Black Shoe boots

They are basically shoes, but look like boots. So, they end somewhere near the ankle and have the shape a boot typically has for the foot. So, they give the convenience of shoes, but look like Boots. They can be worn with anything from midi-length dresses to jeans. They keep your feet warm enough and yet keep your ankles and legs free. A convenient addition to your wardrobe.

Boots for Winters

If you are getting boots to wear for colder climes, one of my favorites of course is the black leather look, with a bit of fur and lots of heel. Be careful though, because not only is it a difficult style to carry off with elan, its also a difficult one to get without being sleazy. Be careful about the loops and buttons and studs on such a boot! And of course, the shine factor. Try it out with what you would probably wear it with before purchasing it. You dont want to look like a slut, and neither do you want to look like a Ninja!

Length is personal choice as far as boots are concerned. Longer they are, cooler they look. Of course, the most standard length for a good boot is calf length. Its convenient and yet its boot-ish enough.

Thigh High Boots

If youve got the thighs for it, try one that reaches above your knee cap.

Flat Boots in soft leather

Heel height is also a personal preference. If you can walk with stillettoes, go in for high heels. But remember, with boots there is restricted leg mobility. So whats easy in a pump can be a little difficult in a stiff boot that covers up your shins, restricting movement. So try on the shoes and walk keeping in mind the kind of floor you will be on! Block heels also look good on boots, so dont you worry. Try out wedge heels for your boots as well.

There are flat boots apart from Ugg’s. And these too look pretty decent. I, however find them a tad difficult to walk on since the length of the boot restricts my calf and shin bone mobility. In case you want to go in for a flat boot, try one made of velvet or of a soft leather, which probably crunches up into confortable wrinkles all the way up your leg. Try some with ribbons and buckles in that case. Way cool.

What I would thoroughly recommend

This season shoots are in, in a major way. They can be worn with slim fit jeans and look great – just like the high heel pumps with ankle length jeans. So try and get a pair of warm comfortable shoots. Boots of course are classic and will make a re-entry every year for the wallet conscious. For the fashion conscious, the world is open!

And a word for Men:

There is no season for Boots for you! Men in boots always look good πŸ™‚ Go get a good pair, probably tan leather?

Where to shop?

There is no dearth of boot and shoot sellers. However, if you need a guiding hand in India, follwing are some shops that I have seen with good designs. I wouldnt say collection, because they stock only 3-4 types, but the designs are decent without being OTT or sleazy. Remember, its my top-of-mind recall here, and not necessarily the only, or the best. Also, I dont have any tie-ups with these shops or their owners or anybody!

If wallet is no constraint, you know where to go. Sky is the limit and there is no lack of designers catering to your boots-whims!

Otherwise, Look out for boots and shoots at –

Premium Shops:


-Charles & Keith

-Nine West


Medium Range Shops:




-Inc. 5


Multi-Brand outlets:


-Marks & Spencer

-Shopper’s Stop

Happy Boot Shopping! Have a WONDERFUL 2010! One New Year resolution for you?

Get a bigger Shoe Closet! πŸ™‚

(PS – Thanks to the many many websites I accessed for the photographs! I forgot to keep your links, but some are:

http://twistedphysics.typepad.com, http://www.shoemall.com, http://styletips101.com, and of course, the mighty Google)


15 Responses to “Boots! Boots! Boots! Buy Boots for Winter and Shoots”

  1. Ada Says:

    From reviews on the net,we know that MBT shoes will improve your posture

  2. Before going to shop for latest footwear, one thing to keep in mind is that phrase comfort and I think this shoes really give that.

  3. Dips Says:

    Agreed. Comfort is a major factor as far as I am concerned. I believe shoes have to be comfortable for them to be good πŸ™‚

  4. Ketan Vyas Says:

    Dear Miss Shoes:
    That was a really cool blog/ article. How about letting your friends know about taking care of these lovely shoes as well. I’ve seen a great shoe care line of products available at METRO shoes. They have a product for practically every kind of leather or textile. Check that out. Its called WOLY and are from Germany.

    Keep posting more gyan. Cheers.

  5. […] My Shoots – the black shoe boots January 21, 2010 Filed under: Shoes — Dips @ 12:28 am Tags: buy, buy regular wear shoes, buy shoots, fashion 2010, love shoes, shoe fashion, shoe shopping, shoe trends, Shoes, shoots, shoots for winters, small heels, women It has been a long time since I wrote anything – shame on me! So 2010 started and the first 20 days are already over as well. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing but a pair of shoots that I took out after a long time. It being winter. So here are the shoes that I wrote about last time. […]

  6. I very happy reading your article. Thank for share good information.

    • Dips Says:

      πŸ™‚ Thanks! Now Im motivated to write another post.
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry to take so long to reply – I really didnt get a chance to get back to blogging till now

  7. Nice article, boots will be more popular in coming years.

  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that thigh high boots are just so great! I love them – they’re so beautiful. Keep up the good work with your posts!

  9. D Says:

    Just wondering if there is a way to buy a pair of boots that has gone out of production from a particular brand. I absolutely loved my pair of black leather mid calf boots, but lost them abroad. Been looking for something similar for years… I bought this pair at Catwalk store (Inorbit Mall, Mumbai) way back in 2003
    Any suggestions ?
    Thanks, D

  10. shalini Says:

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    If you find it interesting, please do reply us with your rate card.

    We at Trishlaemart.com look forward to be a part of your network soon.


  11. Dips Says:

    Hi Shalini,
    Thanks for your comment. I have mailed you my response, hope to hear from you soon.

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