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Clarks Shoes Available in India: Go Buy! November 13, 2014

I mentioned Clarks entering into a Joint Venture with Future Group India in October 2009. Well, finally we can see the results of it!


I recently bought FOUR pairs of Clarks shoes from the Future Group outlet in Mumbai. I am a happy woman! 🙂


Brand Factory regularly stores Clarks shoes for men, and now it has finally started storing shoes for women as well. Such a relief!!  I never understood why a store would not keep stuff for women, when it is a known fact that women shop for themselves as well, and shoes are a definite soft corner for women.
On the other hand, it is difficult to understand this pairing. Brand Factory is an outlet for discount clothes and shoes, and these shoes are not at discounts usually. Perhaps I missed out – maybe they do have small discount values attached.

I have also seen Clarks shoes at other retail outlets. This is a VERY good sign. I saw them at Lifestyle Stores and Pantaloons as well. Pantaloons being a Future Group store, this makes immense sense.


As I mentioned before, Clarks continues to be available at Metro shoes and Central outlets.

However, the best part is their availability on the Clarks website. There is now a dedicated India website from where one can order shoes, that too at a discount offer running at the moment. So run!

I like Clarks shoes as I have written earlier. I find them sturdy and very well balanced. Their designs however can be a little clunky. The biggest barrier to purchase of a Clarks shoe is its price.

I recommend you go ahead and check out a  pair! I will post about my purchases on the blog 🙂

This post is not sponsored in any way. The views represented here are purely my own, through delight of owning the shoes.


5 Responses to “Clarks Shoes Available in India: Go Buy!”

  1. elevato Says:

    I would like to share something on future market prospects. This is mainly based for the target customers those who have a shorter height.
    Image of shoes having a trendy fit and sporting a trending style adding 2-3 inches of height (virtually no doubt) to the customer. Cool. Isn’t it ?
    Why it can’t be that, the leading shoe manufacturers/brands devise at least a segment or two for these customers.
    I have come across a numerous brands claiming these said results. But, the only problem that persists is, the heel size is clearly visible/distinct. And that may turn ugly.
    At last the brand on which I can trust on is ‘elevato’. You can just check for the awesome sporty designs of elevato shoes. These seems absoulutely normal, and , at the same time your height increases (virtually) by 2-3 inches.
    You can visit http://elevato.in/ for exciting offers on height increasing shoes.

  2. Inc5Shoes Says:

    Clarks shoes is one of the best brands

  3. Sanjiv Says:

    Good post… I agree with your post about . Hospital Slippers

  4. good post..Very collection.

  5. Carlos Juan Says:

    Clarks has always been the number one go-to brand for desert boots. It’s a classic British shoe company founded in 1825. Clarks Desert Boots is the World’s Most Popular Men’s Chukka Boots

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