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Love of Shoes and Indian Women August 20, 2008

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High Red Heels

High Red Heels

Shoes. No matter what women say, they love shoes. Women are judged and loved or despised, characterized and compartmentalized on the basis of what they are wearing on those very important organ – feet.

Everyone loves a pair of shoes that makes her look nice. Oh yes, men like shoes too – but not in the in-depth manner that women do. Men just… like them. They like heels when they want a woman to look sexy and they like sports shoes when they know they are going for a walk.

But women. Uh-uh. They know the real worth of what that women in the corner of the room ha on her feet. Frayed or not, shoes form an eternal part of every modern woman’s life.

No matter what they say.

No matter what men think, women really, really dress up for the sake of the other women they meet. And when they wear some shoes, it is to ensure their impression on the other lady out there, is a correct one. Of course, once in a while they would like to wear what their man likes – if that is, he likes something worth wearing.

And so, they buy shoes. For different occasions, dresses, of different colours, designs. And the shoe industry grows.

Indian woman have had a long time coming to this freedom to splurge on shoes. Gone are the days when the local Mochi would make a copy-cat design for you from an old magazine, for which you would wait weeks. Gone are the times that Bata ruled the roost and anything else was expensive and not so nice.

Today, any mall worth its calling would have at least a couple of high-end international shoe brands with flats, open toes, kitten heels and the very fuck-me, high heels.
Oh, so you dont know what kitten heels are? Or, for that matter that ‘fuck me’ shoes exist?
Well, allow me to enlighten you. For this is all that I intend to do – talk about shoes.